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Historic Families Of Thomaston

Thomaston has been fortunate to have been home to a long list of people who have brought prominence and honor to the town. Some did this through their good works in local, state or national office. Others, because of their boat building and captaining of tall masted ships during the late 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Still other citizens have distinguished themselves through their creative endeavors as artists, writers, composers and performers.

To list everyone who has contributed to our community would be an enormous challenge. We have chosen to list some who we believe have contributed very substantially to the history of Thomaston. The passage of time tends to lessen the knowledge of local heroes and heroines, but it in no way diminishes the full value of their contributions to the town's history. Their imprint on the community is still evident as are the houses they called “home” so many years ago. As we stroll through the town, we pass their former dwellings and discover that the houses, now occupied by other families, are still called by the names of their most famous residents.

A sampling of the Thomaston citizens follows.

  • Major General Henry Knox
  • Hon. Jonathan Cilley
  • Brig. General J. P.Cilley
  • Commander Greenleaf Cilley
  • Hezekiah Prince
  • Senator John Ruggles
  • Captain Samuel Watts
  • Edward O'Brien

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